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Thread: Walnut mdl 52

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    Walnut mdl 52

    Finished my W52 today. Well, sorta of mine. A friend of a friend just finished machinist school. He told me that he wanted a Dark Gerstner, sort of a self graduation present. In the past, when a class graduated all of them received a 7 drawer oak model 41 from the school. Getting off to a start on a good foot. Money constraints ended that tradition, so he is treating himself. He's been over to my place several times and knows what I do for a hobby. My wife shows him this W52 that she had upstairs, waiting to cut the felt for me. He liked what he saw and my wife set the hook. She told him that if he bought it, he could pick his own color of felt, since none had been installed yet. He chose royal blue and as you can see, that's what he got. Can't wait for him to come pick it up.


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    Looks very royal in blue....nice chest.
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    That looks nice!

    The most wonderful bit of your post is that a young man is interested in becoming a machinist - we need more like him!
    By the way, what "machinist school" did he attend?

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    I'll ask him when he comes to pick up the chest. I'm still having problems with this site. I have to go through several steps just to sign on. You wouldn't believe what I do just to post something. Anyone else still having problems with the site?

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    Yes! I'm also having problems with this site and only this site.

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    I agree, there is a problem.....Ted

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    Lanso: Well, the buyer for the walnut 52 came by and picked it up, complete with the blue felt. To answer Lanso's question, he went to machinist school about 20 min. from my place. It's called NTMA Training Center in Ontario Ca. He said that the school has other ones in SoCal and they are federally funded. Apparently he already has a job at some shop in El Monte Ca.

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    Thanks Bill,
    I've wondered where young machinists learn now days, I hope his passion continues to grow at the new job.

    By the way, is this site working any better?

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    I think the passion is there, at least for the boxes. He saw the Starrett I just finished and couldn't take his eyes off it. He told me that all of his tools are Starrett. He asked several times if it was for sale, but I told him that it is now part of my own collection because I've never had one.

    The site seems to be working now, but I still get that warning when I sign in about this site is not being secure.

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    I bought a used w52 when I finished tool and die school, I have used it now for thirty years, it is hard to believe how well it has held up, I hope he has the some good luck I have enjoyed with his box.


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    Bill, I've got a nice Starrett if he's looking for one:

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    That is a nice looking box, did Gerstner make them for Starrett?

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    Yes, they made them to Starrett's specs. Red Felt, unique drawer layout, mahogany, square mounted mirror.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user459 View Post
    Bill, I've got a nice Starrett if he's looking for one:
    I will pass that on to him. OK to give him your site information?

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