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Thread: This one has me baffled

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    This one has me baffled

    I saw this one andgot confused. The seller says itís not a Gerstner, but it shares manyGerstner characteristics. What confuses me is the single, off-centerlocking pin and the fact that the bottom drawer is beaded on both top andbottom. There ae no other marks to be found, so far, except for some strange engravings on the catches. It's home with me now and I've posted pictures and descriptions here:

    Any idea who made it and when?


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    No idea here. The only chest I've seen with a single lock pin is a National, but the pin is centered and they do not have double beading on the drawers. The engravings on the catches look like something out of England.

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    Riveted drawer knobs

    Another anomaly that caught my attention is the riveted drawer knobs. They consist of a large headed split rivet which passes through a steel eyelet, then a backing plate, then the drawer front. The legs of the split river are peened over on the back side of the drawer front. I have only seen this arrangement on Star, Sipco, and Scherr chests in the past, though with much small rivets showing on the back side.


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    Boy, you've got me stumped too........Ted

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    Looks more like English brown oak than American quarter sawn. Just a thought..

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    Still searching for info..

    Has anyone seen this marking on hardware before?


    This chest is still a mystery...



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