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Thread: Bliss machinist chest

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    Bliss machinist chest

    I was talking to Terry the other night. Complaining about aches and pains, and then switched to the chests we were working on. I brought up the subject of chest I had done some time ago, made by Bliss. My wife wanted it for here jewelry so I never posted about it. Terry wanted a photo of it and here it is. You can see it is similar to the Jennings however, the drawer locking mechanism is different, but operates in the same manner of a Jennings. It's a beautiful chest. All quarter sawn white oak. It has brass corner bracing inside the top till area, again like the two Jennings I own. The lid restraint is a sliding brass slotted arm, not a chain like my Jennings. And, it also has a working key.....The chest measures 18 3/4" across, 12" deep, and 12" tall. My wife really likes the way it turned out. Truly, a unique chest.
    P.S. I removed her jewelry from the top till area before taking the photo.


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    That's a very unique chest! I can see why your wife took it over.


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