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Thread: Drawer slide repair photos

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    Drawer slide repair photos

    3/8 router cut out worn groove approx. 4"
    Glue in new poplar piece
    Rout an undersize groove 3/16
    Finish with a side rabbit plane
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    Thanks Bill.

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    Tell me about the plane depicted in photo #5.

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    Lie-Nielsen side rabbet plane, copy of the Stanley 98 & 99.
    The link in the above post is not the correct plane for this job.

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    I like this repair, done well !

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    Lanso: Thanks for the info. And Terry, thanks for the link.

    I had just posted this and clicked on the link for the plane. Wow! $225.00. That's more that half of my tools combined. Something that good and valuable would be a waste on me. I could see how well it could be used by a pro.

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    That is a little expensive!
    I doubt I paid that much, I bought the pair 10 - 15 years ago.
    Look on eBay, I see some original Stanley 98 & 99s for less.
    Or make a little sanding block.

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    Sie Rabbet Planes

    One of my favorite planes combines the features of both the 98 and 99 planes in one. The Stanley no. 79 is both a left and right side rabbet plane. I reach for this one because it was my Dad's. He engraved his initials on everything!


    Another one I use frequently is his old Stanley no. 92 rabbet plane.


    I can't believe how expensive these things have become!! But, they do a great job. Knowing my Dad used them and held them in his hands makes them priceless to me.

    William Melvin Rushbrook's son, Terry.

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    There is no price on valuable memories.

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    You're up early, Bill!!

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    Yeah, they changed my Parkinson's med. and then doubled them. One of many side effects is insomnia.


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