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Thread: Leatherette 31C

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    Leatherette 31C

    When I got this one in, the leatherette was dull and marred by the owner's initials on the front panel and the top under the handle. They were vague, but they were there. I tried my normal trick with black leather dye, but it did not cover it. Then I remembered Bill's recommendation to use Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Spray. I found a can on the shelf that I had used on the interior of one of my Alfa Romeos, so I tried it on the 31C. It worked like a charm! It covered the initials and gave the box a new look.


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    That's sprucing it up, all right! Can't wait to see the end result.


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    OK, here's some progress, but it still needs felt and a label. Plus, I'm waiting for the locksmith to make keys.


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    The chest is coming along great, nice work.

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    Model O41

    Finished my O41 today with felting completed. Two drawers needed repair and the bottom of the sides needed to be re-glued and clamped. Came together nicely. Sanded, stained (Provincial 211) and three coats of Spar gloss. Added new backers, however the pulls cleaned up pretty good and I used them. I did have to replace the four hasps, the mirror, and the handle, but I used the original handle mounting hardware for the installation. The remaining hardware was cleaned and polished and installed.


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