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Thread: The problem with Star chests...

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    The problem with Star chests...

    is that they used metal drawer runners. The sharp leading edges of the runners acted like chisels and carved out the tracks in the sides of the drawers. As a result, the drawers sit all wonky and interfere with each other. They are not easy to fix. I either have to replace the whole drawer side or try to patch it up. I make sure to de-burr and polish the ends of the runners to prevent it from happening again.


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    I've ran in to the same problem. I use and wood chisel and pick an undamaged spot and cut the worn part down. For sizing I use some square stock wood that I get at a local craft shop. I then glue and clamp the replacement piece in the trimmed area. If there are any gaps for what ever reason, I fill them in with wood bondo. Once everything is dry, I finish by tuning it up with sanding.

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    I do essentially the same thing; I cut back to original wood and make a patch to fit. I usually use poplar or hardwood from a scrapped box parts to make the patch. I've seen some homegrown repair attempts that used a soft wood and did not address the problem of sharp edges on the runners. They just didn't work. They also look crappy:


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    I'm with you Terry. Frankly, I gave my last Star away to a neighbor's son. I had it up on Ebay several times in the past year and a half but no one would bid on it.

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    I wouldn't mess with them either, but a guy sent me this one to restore as a family heirloom. I'm a sucker for a sappy story.

    I have another that I'm trying to work up the nerve to throw in the trash. I really don't like the way they are made.

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    I had a Star for my nephew that took a lot of work. I replaced rivets with screws, came up with different corner straps, and so on...

    In brief:

    Drawer repair with hardwood stock:

    Making a new panel with the more beautiful "Gerstner proportions":

    Some results:

    That was when I had more time and money than now !!!


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    Your panel looks great!
    The color looks like a perfect match.

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    I agree, nice work on the chest and finish.


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