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Thread: Help ID this Chest

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    Help ID this Chest


    I have had this chest for a number of years. I have kept in in my hobby room. I have always wondered who made it. It was my grandfathers.
    I came across this site awhile back and thought I would post some pics of the chest and hopefully get some info. What company made it, possibly what year.
    It has metal bottoms on the drawers and all drawers have 011 or 110 penciled on them.
    Sadly, the name tag on the one drawer is in really bad shape, although, after enlarging the picture of it I think it might say UNION on the lower left of the tag.
    Any thoughts or ideas??
    Many Thanks,
    Jeff in Hagerstown

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    From what I can see, it's a Union. They are the only ones that used that stamped handle on these and the boxes they made for Sears and branded as Craftsman. On Union chests, you flip the drawer end to end to read the number, so it is 110. Pull out the bottom drawers and look for some sort of stamping on the inside of the bottom. It is probably a B-20.

    Check the measurements against this chart:

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    I agree with Terry that the chest is a Union.

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    Hey Jeff, I also agree with Terry and Scott. By blowing up your pic I can make out the word GENUINE in the right side of the upper line and STEEL in the left side of the bottom line.Your chest is definitely a Union Steel Chest Corp., Style B20. Period dates of manufacture are 1949 1953. Good luck ......Ted

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    I finally got a chance to look at the chest again.
    After removing the bottom drawers and front panel I found these numbers stamped into the base.
    The best I can tell it is stamped,

    T 110

    As I mentioned the drawers all have 110 penciled on the back of each.
    Any ideas as to what the T might refer to?

    I can't thank you all for the info and help...

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    I can't say positively, but normally, "T" would refer to the particular production run of a line of cases, and the "110" would refer to the one hundred tenth case with in that production run. Look on the side of the front panel and you should see T110 stamped into it also.

    Here are some Union boxes I have restored, with details of their restorations:


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