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Thread: new acquisition

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    the box suffered impact after the pictures, on auction
    it is, as well call on automotive frames diamonded

    cant see the nail head on auction pics,
    consider I had already tried to torque it back,
    so it was worse

    look at the damage pics of the back,
    on the right hand side, can see that seam opened, as well
    not so in auction pics

    look at the damage pic from front,
    see gap above front cover, on right ...
    now observe auction pics...

    very evident, box was impacted severely after auction pics,
    and small finish nails driven, in attempt to close seams,
    the finish nails, split the wood

    compare the same angles, befor and after
    sadly this thing took a tumble or something

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    Yeah, something stinks to high heaven on that deal.

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    When are you guys going to learn that cheap begets cheap? Buy the best that you can afford instead of buying a pig in a poke that you hope to elevate to stardom. Don't settle for so much less!

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    I agree shipping could cause problems, normally

    put the seller packed it very well, very , very well..

    the outer brown paper, showed no marks smudges or tears,
    layered inside the brown paper was an encapsulated layer
    of 3/8 stryofoam sheets surrounding a cardboard box,
    opening the cardboard box, revealed yet another
    layer of stryofoam sheeting, which was completely

    surrounding the space blanket, bubble wrap material,
    that was wrapped completely around the chest itself

    normally I would be quick to assume
    the damage came from shipping

    but I believe the way this chest was packaged,
    it would have survived, considerable abuse ..

    granted even in this packaging, it could have
    received impacts, that could have,
    caused the damage, but none of the interior
    packaging, showed wear or any impression,
    from the chest, during shipment..

    what ultimately lead me to believe,
    the damage was pre-packaging for shipment.
    was the outer brown paper, is scuff free..

    if the outer brown paper had received any abuse,
    there would have been marks, in the very least
    and most likely torn and ripped

    seriously, I wish other items I have ordered in the past,
    were packed as well as this seller, packed this chest..

    I do have to concede, the packaging could have been squished
    without the subsequent tearing and marking of the outer paper,
    in a given situation, as if, the item was sandwiched,
    within a large stack, of boxes, still logic dictates,
    the paper would have had smudge marks, at least

    also, then we are left with the small finish nails,
    drove into both sides, on the rear of the chest,
    it split the wood, on the end panels,

    now maybe the nails, could have hid in the pics,
    but not the resulting end panel splits,

    also when the top boards were shifted to the left,
    pieces of the tongue,
    that groves into the end panel are missing,
    and the missing pieces are not included,
    inside the packaging...

    also the top board of the front panel
    had slid left, but that was easily corrected.

    deduction leads me to believe the impact, to this chest,
    happened post pictures and pre-packaging,

    perhaps the seller was unaware of the damages,
    maybe they were caused and attempted repaired
    by someone other than, the seller,

    but from discerning the evidence,
    and correlating, the information,
    logic dictates, impact happened pre-packaging.

    I can not say with certainty the is the absolute truth,
    but it is the most logical conclusion
    it is unfortunate, as this box could have been
    refurbished fairly easily,
    now it with missing pieces of the wood shoulders
    it will require complete disassembly and replacement .

    if we work an agreement where i keep this chest,
    befor I disassemble it, I will try to see if it can be restored
    without disassembly ...

    being this is an pre-stencil Gerstner
    would be a shame not to try to save it
    and simply turn it into donor parts

    oh well it is what it is

    and GOD blesses me either way

    may GOD bless you all as you deserve


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    Repairing that case will be a great learning experience - I'm with you - Go For It

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    well got a refund offer,
    if I accept, that will have me
    about $ 100 into the chest,
    shipping and all ...

    asked for more, but that is the offer,
    thinking about accepting it,
    especially since my post office
    is 20 miles away, lol ... sad but true

    and since it is already here

    or should I return it ?
    and find something better

    nothing else. it can be the start of my donor boxes .. lol


    since it is not stenciled Gerstner

    just the lock says Gerstner
    BUT, the lock is NOT held on by split rivets
    the lock is secured with fine tread bolts and nuts
    and the bolt treads are mared smooth passed the nuts

    please look closely at the pictures

    can anyone state with certainty
    the manufacture ?

    peace and blessings

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    It has all the earmarks of a Gerstner 41 series:

    Marked hardware
    beading on the bottoms of the drawer fronts
    Flwur-di-lis hinges
    Though the handle and ferrules have been replaced, I can see the outline of the original ferrules
    correct knobs and backing plates
    Correct construction and configuration
    Chests made before 1940 were not stenciled

    Good luck bringing her back to life.


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    thank you terry

    on this restoration, since it is pre stencil,
    I thought of honoring my mother
    she was born 5-2-20

    really considering replacing the hardware
    mirror etc to resemble ones made in 1920

    only thing is , Gerstner store,
    does not show the square replacement lock

    so if I just restore it to original,
    I am still faced with, an lock problem
    I can not see any marking for key code on this lock

    I am sure I can disassemble the lock
    so i can cut a key to match the tumblers

    or does anyone know, if there is a location on this style
    for the key code?

    now I will sleep on whether to take the refund offer

    figure $100 in what I have on hand
    isnt that bad of a deal

    so leaning to keeping it

    peace and blessings


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