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Thread: new acquisition

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    new acquisition

    Grabbed this off eBay

    with the flared hinges, and round bottom lock,
    was unsure if it was Gerstner, was told it looked good..

    shadow on lid, leads me to believe,
    it had pivoting handle, not those D rings
    missing bottom left corner guard

    really like the orientate hinges,
    hope I can buff hardware good enough to use,
    so they all match, wanna keep those hinges...
    if not will probably go brass..

    closer examination will determine,
    if it get the pivot handle,
    if I have to go brass, saw one with no top handle,
    instead had two brass side handles, looked good

    appreciate comments and opinions

    peace and blessings

    Guess will have to post back in following post
    s-l1600 (5).jpgs-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600 (2).jpgs-l1600 (4).jpgs-l1600 (3).jpg

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    Good score! Pull out the bottom two drawers and slide the front panel out. Look for stamp in the bottom . Looks like a Gerstner O41C, but someone has replaced the handle ferrules.

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    Can't wait to see the progress. I also saw this on eBay and was tempted.

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    Let us know if there is any stamp on the bottom of the chest.

    To All:
    If you are unsure if something on eBay is a Gerstner, feel free to send me an e-mail with a link to the eBay page. If you don't have my direct e-mail address, send me a Private Message and I will send it to you.

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    great to know Scott

    I know the community , appreciates your assistance..

    peace and blessings

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    the handle attachments seem to have been replaced
    as it appears, there is outline of pivot handle fasteners,
    in the picture of the top ..

    what concerned me was the rear hinges,
    and the rounded bottom key lock...

    but I have found pictures, of other Gerstners
    with that style of hinges,

    still looking to see if Gerstner,
    ever used that rounded bottom key lock

    so really hoping it is a real Gerstner

    peace and blessings

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    Yes, we have used the round bottom locks on Gerstner Chests. I believe that some of the locks were made by Yale and others were made by the National Lock Co. We still have some original National Locks, but they are coated with black oxide.


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    Andrew - Both Yale and Corbin produced the round bottom clasp lock. Gerstner definitely used either, occasionally. I’ve posted a pic from my archive.
    Scott – Thanks for the National Lock Co. info, didn’t know that…….Ted


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    well the chest arrived
    outer packaging was mark free,
    seriously was packed good enough
    to ship the Faberge egg

    open it up to find it must have fallen
    and landed on the top right ,
    and someone put nails in it ...

    i am sure they will claim shipping damage
    in fact bet it is insured for like $500 , or similar
    and claim the shipper dropped it,
    opened it, nailed it, repacked it ,
    and put it back in shipping stream ...

    so instead of easy fix ....
    if I keep it , after partial refund,
    if i wanna fight paypal for a month

    the now easy fix , is a full restoration

    oh well ...

    peace and blessings

    just wanted to rant , to like minded
    that would understand ...

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    there was NO marks on the botton at all,
    but the lock says Gerstner and sons

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    The Gerstner stencil was introduced in 1940.

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    Lots of clamps and glue sprinkled with lots of patience. It would make a good project, and it would be a good piece to practice your techniques.

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    I looked at all the eBay photos of your chest especially the corner in question and it looked like it wouldn't take much more than a rough ride in a nicely cushioned box to open that joint.


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