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Thread: thinking of doing a leatherette

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    thinking of doing a leatherette

    Never been a huge fan of leatherette,
    but might recover my O52,
    or maybe get a project off auction site to restore..

    my neighbor Buffalo Bill,
    gives me hack of a deal, on spare leather he has,

    wish my eyes were better,
    as he says the leather grain is amazing..

    I did manage to piece together, a jacket
    quilt style, not bad sewing with my old eyes..
    from what I can feel...

    I must say though, the leather is very soft and subtle..
    and has amazing feel, fits like a second skin...

    will try to include a pic of the jacket,
    I quilted together, hope it is admired...
    had a buddy take a pic of how well it fits me ...

    maybe I will get a project leatherette,
    with leather this reasonable,
    sure I could make a nice profit....

    hope all enjoy ..

    peace and blessings


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    I tried to "leatherette" a chest once. I always thought that there wasn't a project I couldn't tackle....then a leatherette Gerstner entered my life to restore. Oh well, so much for my "skills."

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    Love your sense of humor!!


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    I try to induce humor where I can, life is too short..

    although after watching videos,

    will include leatherette as possible projects to restore

    hoping refurbishing these old machinist chests,

    could add to the spare change pile,

    love restoring old antiques,

    and really enjoy how well the old boxes were made,

    and love the smell, while working on them..

    but mostly fill with pride at how beautiful they are when refurbished or restored

    peace and blessings

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    I never have had much luck with the leatherette. I bought a roll and tried it on a front panel. I thought it would be a lot like wrapping a Christmas present, but it wasn't that simple. The material was too stiff and I was too impatient. That's when I decided to stay away for leatherette boxes....

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    Leatherette Schmetherette

    That's why I paint them......take off all that old leatherette and instead of making my life even more complicated.....I painted it.
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    being I haven't seen a leatherette stripped,
    I assumed, it has the same great quality wood,

    that was more plentiful, at the time of manufacture,
    and would be just as gorgeous, as normal ones..
    would this not be correct assumption?

    don't get me wrong, if I score an leatherette,
    might attempt to make it back original,
    if it fails, then restore like a normal one ,
    or customize it right?
    peace and blessings

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    Wrong, wrong, wrong! The wood under the leatherette is a lesser hardwood like poplar and will NEVER look as good as the wood on the face of the drawers. I've seen some attempts that just bring a tear to my eye. Leatherette boxes are meant to be leatherette covered. You can't polish a turd...

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    When I first started, I had a mdl 41 that had been wrapped but most of the wrap was missing. Since the chest was dirt cheap, I decided to use that one to try a re-wrap job myself. After hours, no, after days, I gave up. What a mess. I was ready to salvage the hardware and toss the box until a neighbor saw it and wanted it. So I filled in all of the holes, gave it a good sanding. Once all traces of the wrap were gone, I put three coats of black lacquer for the finish on the box. I completed the restoration on the drawers and re-felted it and replaced the hardware. The neighbor like it and I gave it to him for free. I did not take any photos of it and post them because I felt that I would be laughed off the site. I too can confirm, the wood for the wrapped chests is not a premium hardwood. As Scott has mentioned in the past, the wrapped chests were made for the budget minded customer.

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    Hi Bill.....your admission to painting the chest almost felt like a confession at a Catholic Church. You made an excellent choice of saving the Gerstner and I'm sure the person you gave the chest to loved it. I've lightly restored or "saved" several dozen Gerstner chests and "painting" a few them turned out to be the most fun. It allowed me to be creative and got me out of a rut of doing the same thing to the same chests time after time. Boredom is a killer. Can't wait to find another rough leatherette to strip and paint.

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    information noted...
    why I love, avenues like this ...
    sadly I must admit, if I find a leatherette,
    and it is a bargain, I will acquire it..
    just to prove to myself I can restore it...
    don't know why... just always been this way

    so when I find a bargain leatherette...
    you all will know, since I will be on here..

    showing off my work, or admitting defeat ... lol

    peace and blessings

    P.S. just scored another box, off ebay...
    thanks to advice from known forum member..
    gonna be fun !!!! can't wait

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    Good luck and if we don't hear from you until the end of the year we know what happened. Just kidding, but don't be afraid to ask for help. Lots of outstanding craftsman here...excluding me.

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    Remember, you don't have to just use leatherette to cover a chest. You may find a suitable, alternative material, to attract a different type of customer.


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    in fact, if I padded it, with stuffing, like a sofa
    and nice .. Ricardo Montealban Corinthian soft leather
    and diamond pleated it like a boat interior..
    think I know some that would want it for jewelry box..
    or maybe a paisley fabric

    thanks for inspiration Scott
    I won't excluded Leatherette's ,
    next time I am searching for a project..

    as I have one in the mail, already
    and might be buying another

    peace and blessings


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