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    Model 41C

    Model 41C completed today. Structure wise, the chest was sound. Had to re-glue joints on only 2 drawers. Note that it has the brown plastic knobs instead of the nickel ones. The only time I have had a chest with the brown plastic knobs was on the mahogany chests. It has the older washer style handle and the older 3 point florentine type feet. You can see that the grain on the center panel runs vertical instead of horizontal. This is the second time I have run in to this. Based on seller's info. This chest was purchased sometime in the late 50's or early 60's and was in the original condition when I purchased it. I did have to replace the mirror as it was broken, but not the frame. Couple of coats of black lacquer to clean it up. All of the hardware was polished up and re-installed. I also replaced the felt. I won't tell you how long it took me to restore this chest, but it was a lot longer than usual. This was due to me, and a new medical issue that has slowed me down a lot.


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    Bill, that's a mighty fine lookin' chest. I'm with you..........that grain direction in the center panel is unusual, but I think it looks fine. Sure would like to get hold of an 041C to work on some day. Problem is, I'm afraid I'd keep it for myself! I find it interesting you chose black felt. I've never seen black used, but I really like it.

    The tension between what is good enough and what is beyond that creates the space for character to become our work.

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    Chris C: Thanks for the compliment. I'm not the greatest photographer. I usually leave the fancy subjects up to my wife. In this case, I didn't set it up right, shadows, light, etc. The felt is a dark brown. Once in a while, I go off the grid and install different colors of felt. I have also had a couple of special requests for a specific color if someone is buying a chest that I haven't started on.

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    Dark Brown, huh? Well, I like it. I might try that if I had an all exposed wood toolbox.......but, alas, mine is a 41C, so I'm cleaning up and refinishing the leatherette with DupliColor.

    You do a nice job on these boxes. Sure wish I could stumble onto a good deal on an old all exposed wood Gerstner. I'd really enjoy refurbishing one.

    The tension between what is good enough and what is beyond that creates the space for character to become our work.


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