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Thread: Jackie's chest

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    Jackie's chest

    I got a call from a lady who asked me to restore her father's tool chest. She had done some searching on the internet and found my web site. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, but visits Melbourne, Florida regularly. She brought her precious heirloom to me at the next show I did in Cocoa, FL. She reluctantly turned it over to me for restoration. I explained that the STAR chests have riveted hardware and she explained that she just wanted it repaired and refreshed. I took great pains to mask off all the hardware during restoration, repaired damage to the top and bottom, and did the best I could.


    She picked it up yesterday and was thrilled.

    Details of the restoration are here:

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    Super job and story!


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    Nice job Terry. Has she seen the photo's? She's a lucky lady.

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    She followed the progress of the restoration on my web site. She was so excited to see it finished.

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    very nice job Terry! The Wood looks beautiful

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    Wow that chest and love what you did. You make it beautiful again.
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    Terry, nice job restoring the Star Chest. Was the label original, or did you have a copy made?

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    I didn't mention that, during restoration, I found really finely detailed fingerprints on the metal bottoms of a couple drawers. I mean, they were CSI worthy! I sent pictures to Jackie and she cried over seeing her dad's fingerprints. I sprayed the bottoms of the drawers with an acrylic preservation spray to make sure they weren't removed.

    When she came to pick up the chest, she cried again. Now she trying to locate a picture she has of her and the toolbox sitting on her dad's workbench. She has a real emotional connection to this Star chest.


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