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Thread: hardware cleaning

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    hardware cleaning

    The Hardware on my o42 that i just bought is a little rusty. What the est way to clean this without losing plating or having it looked scratched etc?? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by user459 View Post
    would vinegar work well to get rust off. i use it for tools etc. but would it take off plating etc

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    I never tried vinegar. I tried oxalic acid, but it doesn't work as well as Evaporust. I'd be afraid that the acidic nature of vinegar would indiscriminately dissolve the nickel. I'm quite happy with the results I get using Evaporust in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner I found on craigslist for $8.00. And I've done a ton of hardware...

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    The only time I use vinegar is when the hardware has been covered with varnish by someone in the past as their version of restoration. The vinegar removes the old varnish, giving me a exposed surface to soak the items in rust remove. I too, use to soak them in wood bleach (oxalic acid) until Terry turned me on to Evaporust and a cheap sonic jewelry cleaner I got off Ebay ($12.00). I've been using it since. I never had any results as far as rust is concerned with vinegar, but I have used lemon juice in the past and it too removes rust to a degree. What ever method you end up using, I would recommend that what ever chemical you use, says "Non-Etching".

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    Just to let you know your words are not wasted here. I just tried Evaporust (because of the comments posted here) this past week and i am very pleased with the result. I'll be looking for an ultrasonic cleaner next. Thanks, Kevin

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    You folks have convinced me to give it a try.

    eBay Evapo-rust and Ultrasonic cleaner coming........

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    Good luck Scott. Let us know how it works for you.

    I get my through Amazon Prime:

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    Evaporust works great! In a pinch, you can find it at O'Reilly's or WalMart.
    Ken Lewellyn

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    Buyer Beware

    I picked up this mahogany model 41 off the internet. The photos and description only showed the (Facing) left front corner cracked. When it arrived, I found the right corner broken, the front of the top lid was broken all the way across, left to right. Both left and right side panels that bordered the back panel were both broken from top to bottom. The back piece of the lid where the hinges attached was broken all the way from left to right. One drawer joint was broken as well. You takes your chances I guess. The one that bothers me is the back of the top lid #4. I don't know if a repair will make it stable enough to take the stress of the lid being opened all the way. I guess I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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    Well I finished the mahogany 41 today, the buyer beware one. Lots of clamping and copious amounts of glue. Stripped, sanded and stained. I applied 3 coats of spar with sanding between the 1st and second coat. Removed and polished all of the hardware and then re-installed. Yep, including the original handle. Installed new felt and then the mirror for completion.

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    good job, just seen those chairs on another site ..
    lucky guy with handle in good shape ..
    good job polishing hardware ... thought it was replacement at first glance


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    What is the best buffing compound to use when buffing the hardware before the final polish?

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    I use a tri-poly stick on the buffing wheel. It's a good all-around compound, though I have others for particularly stubborn stuff. I like jeweler's rouge, too.*13003

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    Thank you for the information.


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